Why work out when you can FLY?

Our Fly Gym aerial fitness programs are a great way to add variety to traditional athletic exercises, yoga poses, and Pilates programs. Taking your workout off the ground helps improve balance, body awareness, overall strength (because your muscles have to work harder!) and helps to increase the depth of your stretches for improved overall mobility. Learn how to use Fly Gym equipment to add assistance for exercises you have trouble doing on your own (the hammock acts as a “spotter” to help support your body weight) or use the equipment to give you a greater challenge by changing your relationship to gravity, or even go into full suspension flying exercises!

Why workout with Fly Gym? 

The Fly Gym system uses supportive fabrics that are hung from the ceiling, wall, or other foundational apparatus in order to provide an amazing off the ground fitness experience! Our fitness program is a fusion of suspended athletic conditioning, aerial yoga poses, Pilates techniques, and pole & aerial arts inspired exercises.  Through our specially designed aerial fitness programs, you can achieve 360° motion,  improved body awareness, greater joint mobility, spinal decompression, and the opportunity to find creativity in movement as you sculpt your body in the air; we call it the “accidental workout” because it is” Better Health Through Fitness Made Fun!”


What makes us different?

We share similarities with aerial silks and hammocks, other yoga swings, TRX and Red Cord but provide even more diversity due to the following factors: The Fly Gym system contains 13 pieces of fabric loops and rigging aids so that you adjust the equipment to your body size can suspend your body in a number of different positions (either partially suspended or completely off the ground, as high or as low and you like). Fly Gym fabrics are stretchy, comfortable, and supportive (made of cotton/jersey). The pieces can be used individually for targeted exercises or grouped together to provide diversity and support. Fly Gym can be hung from a ceiling, wall, bars, and a variety of other secure rigging points. You can also combine Fly Gym with fixed points such as pole and bars to add even more variety! The Fly Gym training system is holistic, creative, and fun!


Why workout with Fly Gym?

- Enjoy deeper, more relaxing stretches (because you do not have to pull or force yourself into the stretch…you can just hang and relax!)

- Strengthen your joints without impact or stress

-  Experience spinal decompression

- Improve your posture & muscular balance by lengthening & strengthening the muscles/tendons/ligaments with proper alignment

- Gain incredible core strength

- Improve your body awareness and develop an appreciation for your body’s abilities.

- Our adjustable equipment can be modified to fit participants of various shapes, sizes, and fitness levels.  It is made of supportive, safe, and comfortable material, which makes the exercise more enjoyable!

- More advanced participants have the option of doing “flying exercise” where they are completely off the ground, practicing aerial circus inspired movements which require greater strength, control, and flexibility.

- It is Better Health Through Fitness Made Fun!