The Fly Gym Aerial Fitness®  was developed with help from our partners at Fire Innovations®. Fire Innovations® are firefighters and paramedics who manufacture rescue equipment used by fire departments and the military!  The Fabric is a comfortable stretchy cotton blend.  It is easily machine washable.

The Fly Gym set contains 11 pieces:

(2 short loops, 1 main sling, 2 wrist straps, 2 daisy chains, 4 carabiners)


In aerial they say “you’re as good as your rigging.” So be sure your rigging is secure! You can hang your Fly Gym from monkey bars at the park or pull up or squat rack bars at the gym!


If you would like to install rigging for your Fly Gym in a facility or your home, we don’t know what is behind your walls and ceilings, SO, we absolutely recommend that you hire a licensed contractor to help you.


Check with Fly Gym staff for rigging suggestions for your ceiling type, but here are guidelines to give your contractor for hanging your Fly Gym:


1. Install daisy chains -24-32”apart per swing.  If you are hanging a second swing separate them by 24-32”. . If hanging from the ceiling using eye-bolts you must bolt the Fly Gym into the ceiling joists (see below for installation instructions). If you are hanging from an exposed beam, it must be a foundational beam.  With exposed beams, wrap the daisy chains around the beam; pull one end of the daisy chain through the secured loop at the top.


2. The daisy chain should hang at least 4 feet from the floor. Have your licensed contractor use this formula when figuring out if you need extensions or longer daisy chains depending on ceiling height, i.e. 8-10 foot ceiling using a 6 foot daisy chain (which are included in your set) will hang your daisy chain 2-4 feet from the floor.


3. Attach main sling to daisy chains at appropriate level for exercise section. The three most common positions for the main sling are:
i. base of the sling hangs at knee height (floor exercises),
ii. base of sling hangs at hip/waist height (for  low flying or standing exercises from the hip hold and upper back hold)
iii. Hook the main sling as high as you can reach (inversions)


4. In general, the short loops hang ONE or TWO NOTCHES BELOW the main sling, but depending on your personal size, you may have to adjust the position.


5. When hanging from a wall, hang at 8′ high, 32″ apart per swing. If you need to, swings can be hung directly next to each other (sharing a big strong bolt). Ideally, however, leave 16″ space between each swing mount for more personal space.


6. For Fly Gym-Pole (or Fixed Point) make sure to hang the large sling 2-3 feet away from the Fixed Point with the Fixed Point in the center of the sling.  If you are using Fly Gym for fixed point and Fly Gym


Ceiling or Wall Installation Using Eye Bolts

Using a general contractor to permanently install your Fly Gym
Ceiling Mount (Standard 8 to 10 foot ceiling):

1. You will need to find a joist or supporting beam in the ceiling. For cement ceiling drill appropriately sized holes to accommodate M12 bolts. (There are pipes and electrical behind cement walls and ceilings – your contractor will know how to find  these landmines!)

2. For a single Fly Gym set: attach two ½” diameter 3 7/8” length or (Metric) M12 diameter 10 cm length eyebolts to the beam or joist at 24 to 36 inches or (Metric) 60 to 90 cm. apart. The ideal is 32 inches apart in order to align with the studs in your ceiling based on U.S. building codes.

3. In a studio setting, each Fly Gym set should hang 32 inches away from the next. You will be hanging from every other ceiling stud.

4. Loop daisy chain through eye screws and the other end of the daisy chain. You’re securely rigged and ready to fly! If you are teaching in a studio and need to quickly install and remove daisy chains, we recommend hanging them from the eye bolts with a carabiner.

5. Always check your eye bolt screws periodically to make ensure they are stable in the ceiling or wall.





Wall Unit Installation

Wall Mount:

1. Go up 6 to 8 feet or (Metric) 1.8 to2.4 meters from the floor.

2. You will need to place eyebolts (½” diameter 3 7/8” length or (Metric) M12 diameter 10 cm length eyebolts) 24 to 36 “ or (Metric) 60 to 90 cm apart – this is just an approximate, there are typically 16 inches between joists in a wall but can be anywhere from 12 to 24. Use of a stud finder is helpful. For cement wall drill appropriately sized holes to accommodate M12 bolts


Other Ceiling types

3. W trusses. We had a ceiling like this in our first studio and had a professional rigger come up with this solution. With trusses 4 feet apart, we used a 6’ length of schedule 40 pipe, per rigging station, with 1 foot edge of pipe sticking out each side to distribute the individual load. We had 8 individual ceiling rigging stations in our 30’ x 30’ studio. We also painted the pipes and added caps to make them match our ceiling.


4. Drop ceilings (our least favorite!). You’ll have to remove your fake dropped ceiling tiles and see how far above your ceiling studs are. We have often confronted nasty heating ducts, electrical wires and insulation that ground our flying dreams. But if you’re lucky, you’ll have a clear shot to place eye screws in studs. Daisy chains can be stored neatly up inside dropped ceiling when not in use.


5. Sloped ceilings. These are tough. We never recommend uneven hanging spots. It’ll drive you nuts especially when using any of the loops. If your sloped ceiling has parallel exposed beams, as many cathedral ceilings do, then evenly hang eye screws from parallel beams. If say, your beams are 4 feet apart, you can still hang your swing and loops, because your weight will pull the pieces closer together.


Good Luck, Have fun and if you have any questions – Email us with any questions regarding rigging and a representative will contact you.

Please note that neither Fly Gym LLC, nor any of its distributors or partners can be held accountable for damage to person or property from the incorrect rigging of a Fly Gym system.


There are contraindications to using this product. READ CAREFULLY

Fly Gym is fun for kids but NEVER leave children under the age of 12 unsupervised around Fly Gym hanging parts.
There is a danger of injuries including neck injury, choking, falling and death with small children. Thankfully none
of this has ever happen and we would like to keep it this way!!

Fly Gym is fun for people of all ages, sizes and disabilities, HOWEVER: Check with your doctor before beginning
any new exercise routine.

For those who like to go upside down: People with vertigo, glaucoma, or other head/brain issues should avoid
going upside down without checking with your doctor. STOP IMMEDIATELY if you feel dizzy or nauseated.

Fly Gym is guaranteed free of manufacturing defect for a period of 6 months from date of purchase. Defects from
use, wear and tear, outside of a pure manufacturing defect are not covered. This does not affect your statutory
rights. Fly Gym, at its own discretion, will replace or re-fund damaged items. The user must return the item to the
point of purchase after which it will be returned to Fly Gym for evaluation and appropriate action.

Due to the Fly Gym being used in circumstances outside and beyond the direct control of Fly Gym, LLC, its
distributors, sales persons or any other persons or associated companies, these parties cannot be held responsible
for any accident, injury to the user or any third party, or damage to property. This does not negate your normal
consumer rights. Follow the simple but explicit instructions for hanging Fly Gym given with each Fly Gym and follow
common sense safety rules.

If you have any questions regarding safety or rigging contact us before using Fly Gym.

Safety is a priority at all times.
Have FUN and be SAFE!