Who Can Use Fly Gym?

Fly Gym is for anyone who wants strength and flexibility from someone new to exercise all the way to the expert. The Fly Gym mission is to help individuals of all ages and abilities achieve optimal fitness and well-being in a fun & safe suspended environment.  While we do have conditioning programs for amateur/professional performers we also have general fitness programs as well as mobility enhancement programs for older adults or participants who may have injuries, illnesses, or other unique considerations.

How is this different from suspended resistance training straps?

Fly Gym is a series of soft, stretchy, reinforced fabric slings that can be used for aerial yoga, fitness, rehab, aerial, pole dance and more. The web straps with our uniquely designed wrist straps can be used for functional boot-camp type training. You can train hard with both of them, and you can take a nap in Fly Gym when you’re done.

How is this different from the aerial silks?

Fly Gym is more made with a cotton blend fabric making it stretchy, comfortable and versatile with 13 pieces versus 1. Fly Gym is easier to use while getting the same results. And with aerial silks, you can’t adjust the height your sling is off the ground as you can with Fly Gym.  Fly Gym has a wonderful aerial conditioning program that builds those much needed muscles and flexibility when using aerial silks.

Do I need tall ceilings to hang Fly Gym?

No! A standard 8-10 foot or even lower ceiling is fine. Higher ceilings mean your daisy chains (webbing straps) need to be longer (You can custom order different lengths. (Contact us for more information) Longer ropes/straps give you more radius for swinging. Swinging was not the main reason we created Fly Gym; but we admit, we enjoy our WHEE! moment.

What is the best way to hang the Fly Gym?

See our Equipment Page and consult with a licensed contractor.

What if I don’t have a good ceiling for installing hardware?

Fly Gym works beautifully up against the wall for pure and simple stretches. Install eyebolts into wall studs 32 inches apart (See Equipment Page). You can also hang your Fly Gym on pull up bars or monkey bars at the park!

What makes Fly Gym different from other aerial and suspended fitness exercises on the market today?

Our fabric is soft and stretchy. Our multifunctional wrist and short straps are reinforced and padded inside for support. You can easily machine wash and dry Fly Gym. Our daisy chains come in a long convenient length that you can use on many different ceiling heights. Our carabiner are heavy duty, climbing worthy, and slip off easily for washing.  We provide access to our YouTube channel where  there are numerous tutorials and training videos.

What if I don’t want to hang upside down?

There are countless other wonderful ways to use Fly Gym without going upside down. Although we love full inversions, we recommend gradually building up tolerance to them or skipping them altogether.

Are there any contraindications against using Fly Gym Aerial Fitness programs?

As with any new exercise program, you should check with your doctor before beginning. People with vertigo, glaucoma, and head-brain issues should not invert without checking with your doctor. STOP immediately if you feel dizzy or nauseated.

Can I use Fly Gym outside?

Yes. Take your aerial yoga and aerial fitness outside! We prefer to hang it over a pull-up or monkey bars in a playground since tree branches are seldom straight but, yes, you can. Try a single pointed rig. Let your rigging options inspire you. Just make sure you always check your rigging for safety. Fly Gym Aerial Fitness is not responsible for accidents that may occur due to improper rigging set up.

How do I keep Fly Gym clean?

Fly Gym is made from a cotton blend and is machine washable with lukewarm/cold water and can be put in the dryer on a low temperature. If you want to keep the colors from fading, you should dry the fabric in the shade. Do not use bleach or fabric softener as this will degrade the material over time. Dryer sheets are okay.