What is Fly Gym?

teachertrainingMFly Gym is a holistic aerial fitness system that utilizes comfortable, adjustable fabric slings to help participants support their body weight while practicing dynamic exercises both on and off the ground. The Fly

Gym system uses playful suspension and full or partial inversion exercises that allow participants to explore motion in 360°. These exercises are designed progressively to help participants enhance their body awareness and core control, increase joint mobility & flexibility, strengthen both deep and superficial muscles, and enjoy spinal decompression; all while feeling as if they are having a day at the playground!

The Fly Gym mission is to help individuals of all ages and abilities achieve optimal fitness and well-being in a fun & creative aerial environment. Fly Gym exercises are inspired by yoga, Pilates, athletic training, and pole & aerial poses. Fly Gym uses a holistic approach to teaching these exercises that takes into account the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of our participants.


Fly Gym offers the following aerial fitness education courses:

Workshops for EveryoneFlyGymteachertraining

Intro to Aerial Fitness
Aerial Yoga & Pilates
Conditioning for Pole & Aerial Arts
Fly Gym Pole

Fly Gym Aerial Fitness Instructor Training
(Level 1) Instructor Training Workshops

Restorative Aerial Fitness
Fly Gym Personal Training

*Trainees who complete the Level 1 course, both of the instructor training workshops, and ONE other workshop of choice will receive a Level 2 certificate in Advanced Aerial Fitness Instruction.



(2 hours, $99 each, prerequisites: none)

Intro to Aerial Fitness

In this two hour workshop you will learn about the benefits of aerial fitness and experience how the body supports itself to improve mobility and core strength when you practice your exercises in the air. In the workshop we will progress through the most supported or grounded exercises, and teach you how to build up to high flying movements a few feet off the ground! Experience the fun and freedom of aerial fitness and learn how to adapt these movements to YOUR personal needs.

Aerial Yoga & Pilates

In this workshop you will learn how to take traditional yoga poses and Pilates exercises off the ground in order to add a fun alternative to your regular practice! This creative workshop is great for learning new ways to work out and shows the diversity of the Fly Gym equipment.

Conditioning for Pole & Aerial Arts

To succeed in aerial arts and pole dancing you need flexibility, upper body, strength, and incredible body awareness and control. You also have to feel comfortable moving fluidly off the ground. For beginners this can seem like a daunting task, and even for advanced performers it takes a lot of work to maintain fitness and prevent injuries. This workshop combines the benefits of aerial fitness exercises and aerial circus or pole dance positions so that you can take your skills to the next level. Support your body in the fabrics so that you can safely learn more advanced positions, condition your body evenly, stretch further, and build climbing muscles!

Fly Gym Pole

When you combine the use of Fly Gym slings with a pole, you open up a whole new world of movement capabilities. Not only can you climb and fly at the same time, but you can also achieve pole poses you never thought were possible! In this workshop we will learn how to incorporate the pole and the Fly Gym for conditioning exercises, we will practice different climbing techniques and entry points to the pole, and we will practice Fly Gym Pole poses and you will learn how to use Fly Gym slings as a spotter for tough moves on the pole. Our Fly Gym pole poses are drawn from traditional pole dance moves (as well as a few of our own inventions that are unique to Fly Gym). This is a great workshop for seasoned pole dancers to add a new challenge to what they can do on the pole, and even for those with no pole experience, this is a great place to start!



Prerequisites: 18 years old, & certification OR 1 year experience in personal training or teaching group fitness/ yoga/ Pilates/ pole dance/ aerial arts

Fly Gym Aerial Fitness Instructor Training, Level 1 (7 Hours, $400, 0.7 CEC credits from ACE)

This 7 hour course begins with a one hour Fly Gym class from your Master Teacher. The purpose of this class is to give you the experience of what a true Fly Gym class is like. In the remainder of the course, participants will learn Fly Gym equipment and safety information, functional anatomy and kinesiology as it applies to aerial exercises, how to use wraps and holds in the fabric slings to leverage one’s body off the ground, how to properly progress exercises using these different wraps and body positions, a variety of Fly Gym aerial exercises, and how to structure an aerial fitness class. At the end of the course students will be asked to design a sample class and demonstrate teaching. Students who complete the course requirements successfully will be issued a certificate of completion in Fly Gym Aerial Fitness® Instruction.

Fly Gym Personal Training (2 hours, $99)

The purpose of this course is to give Fly Gym teachers the tools to design specialized programs for unique individuals. The course will cover advanced teaching techniques such as: how to conduct movement assessments using Fly Gym, mind-body teaching methods, and exercise protocols for individuals with special needs. The course will also give details instructions for progressive Fly Gym exercises to enhance body awareness and functional movement.

Restorative Aerial Fitness (2 hours, $99)

Think aerial fitness is just for the circus? Think again. With Fly Gym, aerial fitness exercises can be adapted in a supportive and therapeutic manner so that anybody can enjoy the freedom of movement that suspended exercise brings. By hanging the fabrics close to the ground, participants with limited mobility can enjoy supported stretches and gentle inversions. The fabrics can also be used with “fixed points” or as a support system to help participants who may not have the strength to lift their own bodyweight (a great way for older adults or obese participants to do squats and push-ups without straining their joints!) You will also learn how to use the fabrics slings to create targeted get gentle resistance exercises. Help your clients build strength, mobility, and balance so that they gain independence and confidence in their body and their abilities!

Level 2 Certificate in Advanced Aerial Fitness Instruction: (13 Hours, $700, 1.3 CEC credits from ACE)

-     Fly Gym Aerial Fitness Instructor Training Course (7 hours)
-     Fly Gym Personal Training Workshop (2 hours)
-     Restorative Aerial Fitness (2 hours)
-     ONE other Fly Gym workshop of choice (2 hours)