Fly Gym Pole

    Fly Gym + Pole = Synergy in Motion


International Pole Dance teacher, competitor, and STAR Alethea Austin brainstorms Fly Gym-Pole moves at our headquarters in Petaluma, CA!

When you combine the use of Fly Gym slings with a pole, you open up a whole new world of movement capabilities; really you have just created jungle gym of fitness! Not only can you climb and fly at the same time, but you can also achieve poses you never thought were possible!  Our Fly Gym pole poses are drawn from traditional pole dance moves (as well as a few of our own inventions that are unique to Fly Gym) and the Fly Gym Pole program is also full of conditioning exercises that use the Fly Gym and the pole together. Whether you are a seasoned pole dancer, or even if you have never been on a pole in your life, this is a great form of fitness to build flexibility, strength, and have FUN!

How can you benefit from using Fly Gym for pole fitness?

• Using the pole as a fixed point to hold on to gives stabilization for Fly Gym exercises, and becomes a pulling and climbing point so you can practice lifting your body weight.

Pole dance instructor and competitor Shelly Lamb demonstrates how Fly Gym can be used as a “spotter” when practicing advanced pole moves.

• Gives beginners an immediate “feel for the pole,” including more

advanced moves. Instead of feeling weak or embarrassed, they are
empowered and enticed to do more!

• By changing the height of the swing and your distance from the pole,
you can easily use variable resistance to suit your needs.

• Lets intermediate / advanced students reach for even greater
level flexibility and moves.

• Is a spotting buddy for practicing all level pole tricks.

• Helps balance strength and flexibility so you don’t over-work your strong side

• Appeals to different populations. Can enhance studio revenue!!



Our programs are based on the latest research in professional strength & conditioning techniques.

You will learn:

- Anatomy & Kinesiology of pole and aerial arts. AKA: movement mechanics.

-How to safely design & progress your training programs in order to maximize strength & flexibility

-How to train to avoid injury and muscle imbalance

-Specialized exercises to help strengthen the muscles you need for success on the pole & in the air.

-How to use aerial equipment as an effective spotter for learning pole moves and other aerial poses.

For  instructors interested in learning the science behind the art of pole & aerial performance we recommend taking the following courses:

Fly Gym  Aerial Fitness Instructor Certification

Conditioning for Pole & Aerial Arts (workshop)

Fly Gym Pole Poses (workshop)

(See Education page for course descriptions & schedule)